Membrane Keyboards
Graphical Overlays
IMD (In-Mold-Decoration)
Touch Screen Panels
Spectro Dens
Measurement technology Spectral remission measurement and colordensity determination to ISO 5-3/4
Measurement geometry 0/45° optics to DIN S033
Spectral Range 400 to 700 nm in 10 nm steps
Measurement aperture 3mm round standard 1.5*1.5 mm exchangeable (accessory) 2.5*1 mm exchangeable (accessory)
Light source Gas filled lamp, type A illumination
Polarization filter Twice linear crossed, Switched on and off per button release
Measurement time Approx. 1 second per Measurement
White reference Absolute and relative absolute white standard integrated and protected in charging console
Density Filter DIN 16536, DIN 16536 NB, ISO/ANSI I, ISO E, Dmax (Advanced and premium models only)
Density Measurement Range 0.00 D - 2.50 D
Repeatability 0.001 D / 0.03 CIE
Inter-instrument agreement 0.31” to 0.079” (0.8 mm to 2.0 mm)
Display high-contrast, non-reflecting, LCD-graphic display, 240*160 pixels, 16 grey levels, contrast adjustable
Membrane Switch Panel Test System
Connection Footswitch
2 off 37 D type for connection to PC (on rear panel) 1 off 34 way IDC for connection to test jig (on front panel). A Socket is fitted for a footswitch(supplied), shorting out the pair of contacts can be used to advance through tests.
I/O Lines PC Interface

32 Lines suitable for input , output or LED drive.
Tester supplied with a PCI card. One free slot required.
Resistance Range (Auto Selected) PC Software
0 to 1 K Ohms
0 to 30 K Ohms
0 to 300 K Ohms
Windows Interface, all data stored in MS Access
Insulation Check PC Platform
> 2M Ohms Win 95, 98 , 2000, NT4
Accuracy Calibration
+/- 5% Self-calibration via software
LED's Power Supply
Only the maximum number of connections limits the maximum number of LED's driven. Maximum current 30ma No Power required (Uses PC power supply)
Test Voltage Warranty
9 volts 1 year parts and labour
Endurance (Life Cycle Testing System)
Contact Resistance Range: 0 - 1k, 0 - 10k, 0 - 100k
Contact Bounce Time (per ASTM 1661): 25 µsec - 65msec
Power Requirements: 12 Vdc (Power supply supplied) 115/220 Vac
Counters: 1 - 65,000,000
Programmable Features * Maximum Test Cycles
* Cycles per second
* Maximum Test Failures
* Maximum Sequential Failures
* Maximum and minimum Resistance
* Maximum Contact Bounce Time